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    • VAT-15 1st QTR (Apr-Jun) FY 2014-15 e-filling has been started w.e.f 1st July,2014.

    • VAT-20 Form Filling started from 7th Dec 2012.

    • For all dealers filling the VAT 20 form after the due date (i.e. 11th Jan'13), penalty and actions as per the Punjab VAT Act, 2005 and Punjab Vat Rules shall be imposed.

    • For all dealers filling the VAT-15-Quater III (Oct-Dec ) FY 2013-14 form after the due date (i.e. 6th Feb '14), penalty and actions will taken as per the Punjab VAT Act, 2005 and Punjab VAT Rules shall be imposed.

      Do not deposit advance tax through internet banking and manually in Form VAT-2.. Deposit advance tax by way of cash/cheque/draft into HDFC Bank Account No- 30291000000444"

    • NOTE :
      The applicants raised certain objections regarding change in the names etc. The physical applications were checked and corrections have been made therein and revised data of Axis and ICICI has been upload.

Important Notice: Dealer must mention his TIN Number and Mobile Number on the Deposit Slip and back Side of Cheque/Demand Draft while depositing Advance Tax in HDFC A/c No. 30291000000444. Dealer must mention client code ETCPUNJAB when advance is deposited through Draft/Cheque.
Rahat Scheme Notification dated 11-2-14  New
Amendment in Rule 47 of Punjab VAT Act, 2005  New
Extension of Date of Filing of Vat-15 of Q4 of 2014-15  New Date Sheet regarding Departmental Exam of ETOs/ETIs  New
MIS-SBOP Final  New MIS-AXIS Final  New
MIS-HDFC Final  New Application Form to be submitted in banks for excise auction 2015-16  New
Branches of Banks authorized for deposit of application money  New FAQs regarding submitting excise applications 2015-16  New
Assessment Cases  New 1. Excise Groups information 2015-16  New
Excise Policy 2015-16  New Amendment in rates of Natural Gas, ATF, Iron and Steel and PVC  New
Amendment in Rahat Scheme  New Advance Tax on Iron and Steel  New
Increase of number of stages to 3 in case of Iron and Steel  New Notification 20th Jan 2015  New
Notification 15th Jan 2015  New Notification 16th Jan 2015  New
Public Notice dated 03-02-2015  New Public Notice regarding rate of tax on yarn -II  New
Order dated 31-01-2015 regarding e-trip  New Clarification regarding Rate of Tax on Yarn  New
List of TINS of Locked Dealers  New List of TINS of Cancelled Dealers  New
Public Notice regarding extension of VAT-15 for Q3 of 2014-15  New Notification regarding decrease in the rate of tax on cranes and earth moving equipments  New
Notification regarding exemption to sugar mills from purchase tax for 2014-15  New Public Notice regarding Extension of date of VAT-15  New
Advertisement for Empanelment of Chartered Accountant Firm  New Pending Property Returns  New
Notification regarding rates on diesel, cigarettes and cigars and cold drinks dated 1st October, 2014  New Fund Limits for October, 2014  New
Notice Regarding ITC Profile of Q1 of 2014-15  New Empanelment of Chartered Accountant Firm  New
Order : Paper board sold b  New Public Notice 2nd Sep  New
Public notice regarding online VAT 16  New
Rahat Scheme  New Public notice regarding extension of date of filing VAT-15  New
Notice regarding filing of VAT-15 in the light of amendment in Section 13(1)  New Fund Limits for August, 2014  New
Appeal L-1  New L-1 power appeal  New
L-1 power  New Section 59  New
Public Notice regarding filing of VAT-15 return for 1st Quarter of 2014-15  New
Invitation to bid for providing internet lease line  New Fund Limits for July,2014  New
FAQs regarding Amendment in Section 13(1) (2)  New Public Notice regarding Amendment in Section  New
User Manual for Refunds  New
Sales made by Canteen Stores Department (Amendment)  New Clarification regarding CCTV Cameras  New
Fund Limits for June, 2014  New Notification 25 February 2014  New
Latest Tender for CCTV Cameras installed at Distilleries, Bottling Plants & Breweries  New Maximum rates of IMFL to be served at marriage palaces  New
Selection to the posts of Punjab Civil Services(Executive Branch) from Register A-II from amongst the membersof Group 'A' and 'B' Services holdingministerialappointments in various Offices/ Departments of Punjab Govt  New Selection to the posts of Punjab Civil Services(ExecutiveBranch) of Register C from amongst the members of Group 'A'and 'B' Services working in various Offices/Departments ofPunjab Govt. who are NOT covered under any of the categories of officers or officials of Register A-I,Register A-IIand Register A-III  New
Public Notice Regarding filing of VAT-15 for Quarter4 of Year 2013-14  New Extend Of E-filing of VAT-15 for Quarter4 of Year 2013-14  New
Punjab Excise & Taxation Department, Group A service rules,2014  New ACR Performa  New
Approved Property Returns  New Clarifications Regarding Single Stage Taxation 25-March-2014  New
Revised MIS of STATE BANK OF PATIALA  New Revised MIS of ICICI Bank  New
Notification 25th January,2014  New Revised MIS AXIS BANK  New
EXCISE CHART FOR THE YEAR 2014-2015  New Application Form For Draw Of Lots  New
FAQs regarding submission of Application Forms through Authorized Banks for allotment of Liquor Vends in State of Punjab for the year 2014-15  New
Excise Policy (Pages 1-15) 2014-15  New Excise Policy (Pages 16-37) 2014-15  New
Notification Regarding Single Stage taxation Dated 21.2.14  New Annexures  New
Rahat Scheme  New List of Class- I,II and III towns  New

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